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Coated Sodium Butyrate 90%

Application:For Pig, Poultry and Aquaculture

Sodium Butyrate 90% Coated is a dust suppressed, deodorised and highly-concentrated source of sodium butyrate in granule-form, appreciated for its efficacy, users-friendliness and smell-neutral appearance.


Appearance: White granule

Assay: Not less than 90.0%


· Increase villus height

· Improve feed conversion

· Better performance

· Healthier gut microflora – increased lactobacilli, decreased pathogenic load

· Improve laying performance


Dosage: 0.5-1.5kg/T of complete feed. 

Packaging: 25 kg/bag

Storage: store in cool and dry place and protect from light.

Shelf Life: 2 years.