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Rumen Protected Methionine

Application:For Ruminant

Appearance: White or yellowish granule


Substrate composition: methionine≥60%

Coating composition: specific vegetable fat

Production methods: Intelligent Microcapsule Technology (IM)


Won’t be decomposed in rumen

Slow released in small intestine

Good mobility and easy mixed


Balance amino acid, improve feed conversion ratio and decrease ammonia-nitrogen

Improve milk yield of cow

Improve daily gain and carcass quality of cattle

Improve milk quality by increasing protein and fat content

Increase fertility rate and improve reproductive performance


Dairy cows: 20-50 g/head· day from 30 days before calving to 120 days after calving

Sheep and goats: 10-15 g/ head· day from 15 days before calving to 60 days after calving

Fattening cattle: 10-30 g/ head· day

Concentrate feed: 1-3kg/T of feed.

Packaging: 25kg/bag

Storage: Store in cool and dry place, and protect from light.

Shelf life: 24 months.